Decipher Prostate Inclusion
in 2022 NCCN Guidelines

Recommended by NCCN at initial diagnosis and following radical prostatectomy

NCCN Graphic Biopsy 02-NOV-2021-01
NCCN Graphic Biopsy 02-NOV-2021-02

Decipher Prostate RP Recommended by NCCN to Guide Hormone Therapy

The 2022 NCCN guidelines specifically recommend Decipher Prostate RP after radical prostatectomy and that men with high-risk scores (>0.6) should be strongly considered for salvage radiotherapy with the addition of concurrent hormone therapy, when early radiation therapy is missed.

The new NCCN recommendation is based on results of the NRG Oncology Phase 3 randomized controlled trial, RTOG 96-01. This study, which followed patients for a median of 12 years, demonstrated that:

  • Decipher risk results were associated with hormone therapy benefit.
  • Decipher high-risk men received greater absolute benefit from hormone therapy compared to Decipher low-risk men.

In the subset of patients who received hormone therapy in addition to early salvage radiotherapy:

  • Decipher high-risk men experienced improvements in distant metastasis, prostate cancer-specific mortality and overall survival.
  • Decipher low-risk men had good oncologic outcomes without hormone therapy.

Decipher can help clinicians make decisions across a broad range of clinical scenarios.

Decipher calculates a patient’s genomic risk without factoring in other clinical characteristics. This new and meaningful perspective provides greater clarity and confidence in determining the best treatment plan.